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Brink Mechanical Ventilation Heating Recovery offers: 

  • Clean, Fresh Air for your Home (F7 Pollen Filters Available- for Hayfever & Asthma)

  • Savings of 30%-50% on your Heating Bills

  • Comfortable Climate Control

  • A solution to eliminate Mould & Mildew






How does Brink Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery work? 


  1. Brink Mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR- sometimes called Heat Recovery Ventilation) is designed to recover up to 95% of the heat normally lost through open windows, vents and other breakout points. 

  2. Fresh air is continuously drawn into the home via a low energy heat recovery ventilation unit, usually located in the attic or utility area.

  3. Once passed through the heat exchanger within the HRV ventilation system, the warm, clean, fresh, filtered air is distributed around the home through a series of ducts. Since the energy of the extracted air is transferred to the fresh, cool outdoor air, 95% of the heat is retained. That means no waste of energy. 

  4. The foul and humid air from wet rooms, e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, etc. is continuously extracted and filtered back through the heat recovery ventilation unit. The heat from the extracted air is transferred to the fresh incoming air.  HRV can also dissipate warm air from your home in summer, bringing in cool, fresh air from outside

  5. The filtered and, consequently, cleaner air increases the comfort for the occupants. 


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